Live Your Life Testimonials

Listen and read testimonials from people who have used the Best Year Yet® Live Your Life program to set goals and create results in their lives. Our proven system produces results for individuals as well as businesses, using personal passion and motivation to make goal-setting more than just another to-do list. 

  • Looking for a program with track record?

    People from around the world share how Best Year Yet® has transformed their lives and businesses.

  • Herbalife Leader Shares Success Story!

    Herbalife Chairman's Club member Alan Lorenz shares how he transformed his life using the Best Year Yet® goal setting and business planning system.

  • Dylan Valade

    Dylan Valade, a 29 year old web designer and owner of 2 highly successful businesses, on how he used Best Year Yet® to guide him to more balance in his busy life.

  • Leah Moriarty

    Leah Moriarty, Realtor of the Year, shares how she used the Best Year Yet® goal setting system to bring abundant results and commitment to her whole life.

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  • "Best Year Yet® made a huge difference in the outcome of our expedition. It is a truly wonderful. powerful and effective tool."~
    Erik Weihenmayer
    Author, speaker, adventurer, first blind person to summit Mt. Everest

  • "It helped me to have a better relationship with my daughter Jewel and it's helped me get started and stay focused on becoming a master public speaker."
    ~ Johnny Rodgers
    Heismann Trophy Winner, Hall of Fame Staffing

  • "I've used and recommended Best Year Yet® for nearly 18 years. As someone who runs their own business, as a communications consultant, trainer and coach, one of the few things I missed about corporate life was the performance piece. Best Year Yet® helps you set goals; learn from what you do, and stay on track. It's simple, steely and intuitive. Try it."
    ~ Jane Maitland
    Communications consultant, trainer and coach  

  • "True courage and achievement takes organization, knowing what you want and going for it. The results we achieved were truly incredible."
    ~ Michael O’Donnell
    Technical Climbing Consultant USA, Everest Expedition - 5 records set

  • "Success is being there today, doing whatever it takes, and just doing it by having a go! You might fail 1000 times, get up and have a go, you will surprise yourself from what you have learnt, and go for it again." 
    ~ David Robinson
    Live Your Life plan user

  • “The process was simple and energizing. I couldn’t believe how quickly it enabled me to “cut to the chase” and become focused on the things that truly matter. I am starting this next year with confidence, enthusiasm, and an action plan that feels both do-able and right to me.”
    ~ Ann Kelleher
    CEO of Integrity Staffing and Solutions

  • "I’ve been using Best Year Yet® for the last 10 years and the combination of Best Year Yet® Online, together with a great coach, have helped me to make decisions I would never have had the confidence to make ‘on my own’. It’s made me the successful person I am today."
    ~ Simon Teague, Life Your Life plan user and Best Year Yet® Certified Coach, UK

  • "I’ve always been disciplined in reaching my professional career goals, but I rarely thought about setting personal goals. Several years ago, I started creating a Best Year Yet® plan to help me focus on the more personal side of life. Looking back, I am amazed at what I’ve accomplished and how I’ve grown. I am so much more focused on what’s really important and there is greater balance in my life. Developing the plan provides the groundwork for my year and monthly calls with my Best Year Yet® coach help keep me on track. Everyone can benefit from taking the time to create a plan using Best Year Yet®."
    ~ Marilyn Resch
    Live Your Life plan user for 10 years and counting

  • “Best Year Yet® has raised my awareness, like tightening my relationship with myself. I’ve become more organized and focused on goals, both short and long term. I’m excited to be a part of the voice for Best Year Yet®!” 
    ~ Ryan Webster, Senior, University of Denver

  • "Since that happy day in 1992 when Chris and I first discovered Best Year Yet®, we’ve used it every year. We started by rebuilding my husband’s business and then in 2000 after our 4 daughters had left home, we made the life changing decision to sell up and move to Granada, Spain, learn Spanish, renovate an old house, and build a catering company."
    ~ Scarlett Farrow, Live Your Life plan user, Granada, Spain

  • "Best Year Yet® helped me take small steps toward my big dreams. Now I have authored a book, and I am beginning a new social enterprise which will help organizations improve results for children and families. Onward!" 
    ~ Deb Wilde, Executive Director of YouthZone

  • "That thing that had hindered me from personal growth and success was exposed. Now the big question comes... do I stay here or move to the light that this program has shared with me! I chose to believe in and use what I learned and before I knew it I was a Mega Agent producing results again! I was out of my personal storm and didn't realize my success until the stats were given to me! Now I can sell with confidence! This program was a God sent! I don't where I would be if I didn't pause for 3 hours to get clear on what was holding me back and more importantly to focus on what I wanted to create next in my life. Thank you, Best Year Yet®!" 
    ~ Shirley Bell, Real Estate Agent

  • "Working on the Best Year Yet® with Dory has become a required "touch base" for me in my business over the years. Strategic planning doesn't come all that naturally to me, but as an entrepreneur with an important message I want to get out to the world, developing that skill has been absolutely crucial. What I love about working with the Best Year Yet® plan is that it combines intuitive visioning with hard core data to use in a day-to-day, practical way to take the steps I need to take in the year ahead."
    ~ Vicki Dello Joio
    Author/Business Owner, Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness System 

  • "Six years ago, my best friend told me and our other BFF Lauren that we "had" to do a goal-setting activity with her. We scoffed and chalked it up to a boring antic of hers, but agreed to it as she expressed how serious it was to her that we make Best Year Yet® plans with her. Long story short, we all three developed a list of reachable and measurable goals, and that year I accomplished every single one mine and felt so incredibly empowered by it all. Since then I've spread your book far and wide. I've now done Best Year Yet® journals in Ecuador, Africa, in the mountains, at home, with friends, alone, with my staff, and even in a group interview setting. Every year I accomplish a majority of my goals, and I never punish myself for not completing all of them. Thank you so much for this tool, it truly has been a gift to the others and to me."   
    ~ Jessica Newman
    Live Your Life plan user, USA

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