Goal Setting with Best Year Yet

Goal Setting with Best Year Yet®

Are you looking for the right goal setting tool to help you transform your life and help you live the full life you've always wanted?

Here it is -- the full proven 12-month package of goal setting web tools and support resources from Best Year Yet®. You will learn the answers to questions such as "what is goal setting?" and "what are SMART goals" as well as getting plenty of examples of personal goals to help you effectively create your own. You will also have insightful video coach guidance through each step of the goal setting workshop, as well as inspirational words from some of our certified coaches on each page. It's your own simple yet powerful personal goal setting system to master the art and science of achieving your most important goals and producing life changing results - results you can repeat year after year.

Over 1,000,000 people and over 1,000 businesses have used our system to set goals and objectives that matter, overcome roadblocks to achieving those goals and create an inspiring and sustainable plans for achieving their best year yet. Many of our users have been setting goals and getting the results they want for ten years or more! Talk about real life testimonials!

Best Year Yet by the numbers

The Three Parts of the Best Year Yet® Goal Setting System:

  1. Breakthrough

    Why settle for just goal setting when you can create an actual breakthrough in your life and business? We know that many people overwhelm themselves with too many goals, setting goals and objectives that don't lead to results in the most important areas of their lives, or setting life goals that are distractions. Negative paradigms and long-held habits contribute to the roadblocks that can keep us going in circles, preventing real change. 

    The Best Year Yet® system is precisely geared toward breaking through these barriers, finding what matters to you, and inspiring you to create the results you want. Our simple 10 question workshop, plus our Question 0 Goal Setting Worksheet, provides an easy and effective goal setting template that uses your wisdom, values and insights to create SMART goals that align with your values and roles - making your plan meaningful as well as focused on your most important goals.

  2. Follow-through

    We have made it easy for you to follow-through on your personal goal setting plan with our exclusive PRO tracking and scoring software. Whether you are using it for your individual goal setting plan or with a team, our PRO has what you need to stay on top of your work, providing instant feedback and visuals to help you monitor your progress in all areas.

    Also, Best Year Yet® provides a host of goal setting resources to help you along the way, including webcasts, books, audio lessons, coaches and more - all to help you keep focused, stay accountable, and create the results you want.

  3. Mastery

    Once you experience the results you achieve through the Best Year Yet® system, the next step is moving into goal setting mastery. Practice is the key to setting goals and objectives that create true transformation and sustain it, growing it and creating your best year yet year after year. Using the resources provided by the program, such as our Question 0 Goal Setting Worksheet, you can be confident that you know how to set goals that count, making your personal goals align with the things that matter most to you. This is the secret to becoming a true master at producing results.

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What are effective goals?

Many people set goals every year. So why do so few people actually achieve those goals? The answer is simple. Most people skip the 2 most important parts of goal setting - the pre-planning and the follow-through. Goals in and of themselves are more like a to-do list. People create goals that they "should" want, focusing their goal setting on the outcomes without giving any thought to why they are choosing those goals, if they really want those particular goals more than other potential goals, how those goals align with their values, and how those goals intersect with the many roles they play in life. It a lot to consider - and it's critical to creating personal goals that actually add value to your life rather than becoming a point of disappointment and pressure.

"Make no small plans for they have no power to stir the soul" ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

It's a lot easier to achieve your goals when care and thought have gone into the setting of those goals. As with many things in life, we often don't know what we don't know about goal setting - and as a result, we keep doing the same things that didn't work in reaching our goals in all the previous years we set them. With Best Year Yet®, goal setting is explained in detail from your first vision of your goals - everything from learning what good goal setting is, the basics of how to set effective goals and examples of goal setting that works to creating focus around the goals that matter most to keep from getting distracted from other less important goals and wordsmithing your goals for maximum emotional connection and motivation to achieve them.

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Examples of Personal Goal Setting That Works

Many people create their personal goals as if they were instructions in a book. The problem with that approach to goal setting is that the goals don't have any emotional power. Goals that include the feeling and visual imagery of why you wanted to achieve those goals in the first place are way more likely to continue to motivate you to achieve them than goals that don't.

An example of a typical goal:
"I want to lose 15 pounds"
While this does the job for your list of goals, it's not really inspiring and definitely doesn't capture what makes this goal a must for your yearly goal setting plan. Think about why that goal is important to you. What would change if you met that goal? What would is look like in real life if that goal was achieved? What benefit would reaching that goal bring to your life?

Here is the same goal written in  a couple of different ways:
"I want to be able to lose 15 pounds so I can comfortably get down in the floor and play with my children"
"I want to feel fit and healthy in a size 12 wardrobe"

Do you feel the difference between the wording of the first goal setting example and that of the two different goal setting examples that follow? What do you notice? Can you feel yourself connecting more with the goal of weight loss when it is attached to how it actually would affect your life? Most people find that this approach to personal goal setting makes them feel more energized and enthused about achieving their goals, which helps them stay the course to getting the results they want from the goals they set.

Personal goal setting is exactly what it says it is - personal. That is why our Best Year Yet® goal setting system is geared specifically toward using your own wisdom and experience to create goals that fit your life. Goals that work well for others are not necessarily the goals that will be a good match for you and the life you want to live. Some people focus more on goals around achievement such as buying a house, starting a business, getting a new car or getting a promotion at work. Other people set goals around more experiential things such as navigating a life transition with grace, strengthening relationships and dealing with an illness or injury. Yet others focus their goal setting on their passions. These can include goals such as writing a book, learning to play an instrument, painting, drawing, glassblowing or other outlets for artistic expression. Still others set goals around being a an active community member, participating in more church events or organizations that are working to make a positive impact in the world.

All the goals we set have an effect on our lives. That can be empowerment and fulfillment from achieving our most important goals or it can be disappointment and negativity from failing to meet goals that were doomed way back in our initial goal setting process. If it's a goal worth being on your list, it's a goal worth setting with forethought and planning. Make them SMART goals with emotional heft and watch the results roll in.

Goals have been called dreams with deadlines. We help you move your dreams into reality by providing not only the means to craft powerful personal goals, but also the tools and resources to create a plan for breaking each goal down into smaller goals, with manageable and measurable steps to achieve them. 

These simple, yet effective, steps make all difference between resolutions that fall to the wayside and actually achieving your most important personal goals. You can trust our goal setting system - it's been proven effective in transforming lives for over 35 years!

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"This is the fourth year I have completed a plan; the annual process has been life transforming.

~ Bette Olson
Best Year Yet® user


"I go through a personal exercise of reflection and goal setting at the beginning of every year. I use an online planning tool from Best Year Yet® that is really helpful. I just completed my 2013 plan and would encourage anyone wishing to make a meaningful change in their life to try it."

~ Matt Gildehaus
Lindenwood University

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