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Your Best Year YetJinny S. Ditzler, author of Your Best Year Yet!, designed this system with her husband, Tim. In 1994 she wrote the book in the UK and it became a best-seller where it's still selling after 10 years and 12 printings.

Your Best Year Yet! gives you the most complete explanation of the Best Year Yet® system - how it works and why. And it's short, readable and personal.

The book includes an Introduction of the principles on which the system is based as well as the experiences of many people who have used it successfully.

Most of the book is devoted to a chapter for each of the 10 Best Year Yet questions, including background material, inspiring personal experience and further examples to help you answer each question for yourself.

At the end of the book is your personal workbook in which you answer each of the questions and complete your own one-page plan for the next 12 months.

The attraction of this book, compared to others which address similar topics, is its simple and practical approach. Most books dealing with personal transformation and improved performance deal with only one of the two basics of personal transformation - ACTION or ATTITUDE. Take apart any of the best-known self-help books and they will focus on one of these as their commendation for producing results. Few deal with both.

We believe that no lasting change can come about without a commitment to change in both the internal and external worlds. Few books deal so practically and simply with both aspects as Your Best Year Yet!

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