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Best Year Yet Case Studies

This portfolio of some of our success stories gives you a good sense of the kind of problems we work with, how we approach them and the kind of results our clients get.

Setting Records on Everest

Getting blind climber, Eric Weihenmayer, to the top of Everest with a group of climbers who had never worked together and were used to doing things their own way.

Losing Over $1 Million a Month!

Story of a factory in chaos. How a new General Manager and his team convinced the revolutionary shop floor staff to turn the machines back on.

Growing Pains Lead to Financial Challenges

One of the largest parking and transportation corporations in the US expanded quickly and then faced a significant lack of alignment and momentum.

Working with a Dinosaur Parent Company

How building a strong team with a commitment to do the right thing generates the performance culture to deliver a $165 million turnaround.

Outsourcing Threatens a Division of 3,000

What a challenged team did to change the mind of the parent company about outsourcing and downsizing.

Dysfunctional Team Lacks Confidence to Deliver

A marketing team in Russia, part of an international food giant, learns to build a team based on accountability, alignment and responsibility.

Not Enough Clients for a Great Product

A software business hits Pause long enough to find out what they were doing wrong and develop a new sales system that doubled results in a period of months.

Frozen into Inaction

How the subsidiary of one of the world's largest search companies moved from arguments to accountability and their best performance ever.

Motivating a Last Place Sales Team

A new Regional Sales Director of one of the largest UK financial service companies inspires the team who were achieving less than 60% on their sales targets.

Sleepy Sales Team

A sales team for a top global beer lacked the discipline to even care about their results, suffering from the complacency that comes as the the market leader.

Getting the Consultants to Make Sales

An IT consulting organization sees its clients turn to outsourcing their IT needs. How personal strategies led to a reduction in "on the bench" consultants.

How to Develop a New Income Stream

How a new team found a way to break down the barriers to performance in their parent company, a 100 year old business with old ways of doing things.

Tough Market Lowers Financial Firm Morale

How open communication and a firm focus on priorities brought a new level of results in spite of a scary market.

Working Harder and Enjoying It Less

Describes the process of moving a business from high activity/low reward to a 40% increase in profitability and a more fulfilling way to work.

Frustration of a Downward Spiral

Achieving a turnaround in a family business, delivering 200% on a target to increase wholesale customers by gaining clarity and alignment.

Saving a School from Closing Its Doors

How a high school administration team stopped students and community members from thinking of their school as second rate.

Bringing Together a Non-Profit

Giving each board member a voice in a way that improved communication and alignment resulted in raising more money than ever before.

Leaders in Conflict Limit Performance

Leaders of a health and fitness club learn to stop squabbling and start listening to their employees.

No Culture of Accountability

While employees treated their jobs like hobbies, the CEO became frustrated because he didn't have the profits to deliver to the board.

Internet Booking Challenges the Travel Business

A travel agency of 25 felt the pain of 911 as they saw their revenue streams severely diminished.

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